All-Wheel-Drive powertrains like that used in the Hyundai Kona are designed to vary the delivery of power to wheels with traction so that a slipping tire does not receive an overabundance of torque like differentials did in the past. The modern all-wheel-drive powertrain is augmented by the in-car computer to analyze slippage and divert power to wheels with traction.

The wheels on a Hyundai Kona are equipped with sensors that send continuous information to the onboard computer about the spin rate. When the computer discovers a variance between two opposing tires, it will send a signal to the differential to send more power to the wheel that is spinning at a lesser rate.

Come to Billingsley Hyundai of Lawton for a detailed explanation on how the all-wheel-drive powertrain serves as a safety device for you and your family.



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