The Hyundai Kona is a popular small SUV that has a lot going for it. You will find that there are quite a few design features that really set this vehicle apart from others that you might be familiar with. Stop by Billingsley Hyundai of Lawton when you have a chance and take a look for yourself.

To begin with, the exterior of the Hyundai Kona simply looks sharp. You will have an option of colors, each one being unique from other SUVs that you will see on the road. Choices range from Lime Twist to Surf Blue. You will even notice that the roof will be a contrasting color.

The high-efficiency LED headlights also make the Hyundai Kona easy to drive in adverse lighting conditions. There are also standard LED daytime running lights that make the Kona safe to drive at all times. You can test drive the Hyundai Kona when you are visiting Billingsley Hyundai of Lawton.


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